Available courses

This course is designed to help content creators with a bit of experience further develop their skills and deepen their knowledge. With a particular focus on DSLR videography, Helmy will walk you through the creative process from brainstorming your video idea, through the production process, to publishing and distribution.

  • العصف الذهني
  • جاري الكتابة
  • التصوير DSLR
  • إضاءة
  • تحرير الفيديو
  • نشر

This course is designed for beginner bloggers, who are starting their writing career, answering all the questions from how to find the idea, to how to publish the blog. Salma and her guests will go through the writing process, tell their experience about writing struggles and how to avoid them.

  • بتكتب ليه؟
  • الفكرة
  • المقدمة الجاذبة للقاريء
  • طقوس الكتابة
  • المراجعة والتصحيح
  • النشر

Content creation for beginners.

  • الكتابة
  • الإنتاج
  • الإضاءة
  • التصوير والمونتاج على الموبايل

Beginners content creation for mobile phones.

  • تقسيم الكورس
  • أهمية المواد المساعدة
  • تعريق بموقع ALTV وإزاي ترفع فيديوهاتك عليه

This course will cover the basics of content creation for the internet.